Seeing these vents are no longer available, I had to come up with a plan to repair them.

I did find some more information


What I decided to do was cut up some square plant propergating pots to the size needed


I notched out a couple of vees so that the flaps could slide into the slides and butt up against the original moulding tags


Like so


Next I used industrial super glue along the top to secure the flaps


A view of the vent flaps from the outside


Vent the right way up so water and dust doesn't ingrese a well as letting pressure out of the cab as required



Removing the wiper motor and linkages from a Toyota Hilux is pretty straight forward.

First you have to remove the electrical plug from the starter motor, followed by the 4 x 10mm bolts holding the wiper motor to the firewall.
Next, pull the wiper motor away from the firewall so that you can adjust it so that the linkage is poking through. Now using a 1/2 ring spanner undo the nut that holds the linkage to the wiper motor. Once the nut is undone, I use a large flat blade screwdriver and hammer to tap the back of the linkage to free it from the wiper motor. ( It doesn't take much, just a quick tap to free it from the tappered fine spline)
 Next, undo the 6 x 12mm bolts that hold the linkages for the wiper arms.  
 Then you have to gently manipulate the linkage so that you can remove it through the hole in the cowl area furtherest away from where the wiper motor is mounted.  
 The linkage assembly removed.  

Started stripping the paint off the ute

   Removed all the glass, window mechanisms and handles, along with most of the other interior bits and pieces.
Paint stripping back the doors.
 Slowly getting there, have done the guards and doors, cleaned up with phosphoric acid and steel wool, should prevent flash rusting till I can get back to it.
 Today's effort was to pain strip back the cab.
Cab stripped back to reveal some rust worm that I'll have to use phosphoric acid to dissolve the rust before I can paint it.
A close up of the rust worm I'm talking about.
Removing the body sealant, everything is looking good, have to do some research on a good sealant to replace what has been removed.
Back of the cab after a bit of a clean up with some phosphoric acid, just a little bit of fiddly work and it'll be ready for undercoat.
A close up of the roof, as you can see the phosphoric acid has got rid of the rust worm that was present before.