I have removed most of the interior apart from the dash at this stage, I have decided to leave this in until a little later on, this appears to be a straight forward process as long as you are aware of a couple of important steps as in this great video by 6th Gear Garage Dash removal

Got my black dog watching over the restoration.

I have removed the front bullbar, grill, and lights, looks like there was a slight hit on the drivers side, I see a couple of make shift repairs to the headlight mount and slight dent on the apron panel. (Small ripple in a big ship)

   The floor pan appears to be in good condition considering the age of the ute. A lot of the colour seen here is old fish oil that has dried. There is a bit of surface rust under the pedal box but they will clean up easy enough.
   Removed the roof lining, it had a small tear about 5 inches long behind the passenger side, now it's got a few more, so I'm going to have to try and find a NOS or someone that can use the old one as a template and make another for me.