Removing the wiper motor and linkages from a Toyota Hilux is pretty straight forward.

First you have to remove the electrical plug from the starter motor, followed by the 4 x 10mm bolts holding the wiper motor to the firewall.
Next, pull the wiper motor away from the firewall so that you can adjust it so that the linkage is poking through. Now using a 1/2 ring spanner undo the nut that holds the linkage to the wiper motor. Once the nut is undone, I use a large flat blade screwdriver and hammer to tap the back of the linkage to free it from the wiper motor. ( It doesn't take much, just a quick tap to free it from the tappered fine spline)
 Next, undo the 6 x 12mm bolts that hold the linkages for the wiper arms.  
 Then you have to gently manipulate the linkage so that you can remove it through the hole in the cowl area furtherest away from where the wiper motor is mounted.  
 The linkage assembly removed.